Fire protection license (abbreviated as PCCC) is a certificate of fire protection design approval. This is a legal document proving that the grantee has met fire protection conditions according to the provisions of the law.

Fire protection license is one of the popular and mandatory sub-licenses when individuals and business organizations have fire prevention and fighting requirements.

II. What is the purpose of applying for a Fire Protection License?

Applying for a fire protection certificate helps businesses, organizations, and individuals ensure the safety of fire prevention and fighting activities, helps minimize the risks of fire and explosion, and increases the ability to handle unexpected problems. suspect, extinguish the fire quickly, thereby minimizing damage to people and property.

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III. Documents and Procedures for applying for a fire protection license

a) Document components:

– Copy of business registration certificate;

– Application for issuance of certificate of eligibility for fire prevention and fighting;

– Copy of fire protection approval certificate and fire prevention acceptance document;

– List of employees trained in fire prevention and fighting;

– Statistics table of fire prevention and fighting equipment;

– Fire-fighting plan

b) Procedures:

Step 1: Submit an application for a Fire Prevention and Fighting License

Accordingly, depending on the case of applying for a fire prevention and fighting license, the licensing agency is regulated as follows:

– The Department of Fire Prevention, Fighting and Rescue under the Ministry of Public Security will issue fire prevention and fighting licenses for cases approved and accepted by the Department regarding fire prevention and fighting.

– The Fire Prevention, Fighting, and Rescue Police Department of the Provincial Police will issue fire prevention and fighting licenses for authorized cases.

Step 2: The receiving officer checks the dossier’s validity according to the law’s provisions.

The competent authority will receive the application, check the composition and validity of the application, and comply with regulations.

Step 3: Receive results of Fire Prevention and Fighting License

Based on the appointment date on the application receipt, individuals and organizations go to the place to submit the application to receive the results.

The time limit for processing procedures for applying for a fire protection license is from 5 – 15 working days, calculated from the date of receipt of all valid documents; In case the license is not granted, there will be a written response clearly stating the reason.


Fire protection license is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Therefore, businesses and individuals need to pay attention to the time it takes to re-apply for a new license so as not to affect business operations.

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