1. Vietnamese people residing overseas who have passports or laissez-passers issued by foreign authorities and foreigners being their spouses or children.
    2. Foreigners being spouses and children of Vietnamese citizens.

II. Conditions for Visa Exemption Certificate

    1. Having a passport or another international travel document that is still valid for at least one more year.
    2. Having documents proving that he/she is a person eligible for visa exemption
    3. Not banned or suspended from entry or exit as prescribed in Article 21 and Article 28 of the Law on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam.
Procedures for issuance of visa exemption certificate -

III. Order of execution in Vietnam

Step 1: Each person who is temporarily residing in Vietnam and wishes to obtain a certificate of visa exemption shall submit the dossiers to Immigration Department.

Step 2: Within 05 working days from the receipt of satisfactory documents, Immigration Administration shall consider issuing the certificate of visa exemption.

IV. Dossiers

    1. The passport or another international travel document, or a permanent residence permit issued by an authority of the foreign country to the Vietnamese person residing therein.
    2. An application form for issuance/reissuance of visa exemption certificate
    3. 02 Photo (01 picture fixed on the application form).
    4. Documents proving eligibility for visa exemption:

– The applicant who is a Vietnamese person residing overseas shall submit a certified true copy (or a copy enclosed with the original for comparison) of one of the following documents: birth certificate, decision to permit renouncement of Vietnamese nationality or certification of loss of Vietnamese nationality, other documents showing/proving the person’s Vietnamese nationality;

– The applicant who is a foreigner shall submit certified true copies (or copies enclosed with the originals for comparison) proving that he/she is a spouse or child of a Vietnamese citizen or a Vietnamese person residing overseas;

– In case there are no papers proving that the applicant is a Vietnamese person residing overseas, the overseas visa-issuing authority of Vietnam shall examine the applicant’s documents which show that he/she is of Vietnamese descent to decide whether to accept the application.

V. Duration of Visa Exemption Certificate

The maximum duration of a visa exemption certificate is 05 years and must be at least 6 months shorter than that of the holder’s passport or international travel document.

VI. Format of Visa Exemption Certificate

    1. The certificate of visa exemption is issued in the passport. A detached certificate shall be issued if:

– All pages of the passport for granting visa are used;

– The passport is issued in a country who has not established a diplomatic relation with Vietnam;

– Another international travel document is used instead of a passport;

– A detached certificate is requested by the applicant;

– A detached certificate is needed for diplomacy, national defense and security purposes.

    1. Each person shall be granted a separate certificate of visa exemption. Any parent and children who share the same passport shall be granted a single certificate of visa exemption.

VII. Temporary period according to the Visa Exemption Certificate

    1. If the visa exemption certificate is valid for more than 6 months:

– Per entry, visa exemption holders are allowed to stay for 180 days

– If there is a need to continue to stay in Vietnam, they will be considered for an extension of temporary residence when there is a guarantee and a good reason, each extension is valid for up to 180 days (or equal to the remaining term of the visa).

    1. If the visa exemption certificate is valid for less than 6 months, the temporary period will be equal to the validity of the visa exemption certificate and cannot be extended.


– Fee for issuance of the first visa exemption certificate: 20 USD.

– Fee for issuance of visa exemption certificate from the second time onwards: 10 USD.

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