Change information on enterprise registration certificate

change information on business license -htlaw

1. Changes need to be registered to change the information on the enterprise registration certificate

    • Company’s name
    • Type of business
    • Headquarters
    • Full name, contact address, nationality, number of personal legal papers for legal representatives of limited liability companies and joint stock companies, general partners of partnerships
    • Full name, contact address, nationality, number of personal legal papers for an individual member, name, business identification number and head office address of the member being an organization, for a limited liability company. limited liability
    • Charter capital for companies, investment capital for private enterprises

2. Cases of change do not change the enterprise registration certificate

The enterprise changes one of the following contents:

    • Business lines
    • Founding shareholders and shareholders being foreign investors, for joint-stock companies, except for listed companies
    • Other contents in the business registration dossier

However, enterprises still have to carry out the procedures for notification of changes in business registration contents in the above cases.

3. Dossier to change business registration

Depending on the content of the change, the required documents will be different. Contact us for detailed advice.

change information on business license -htlaw

4. Submit the dossier directly

Submit the application at the Department of Planning and Investment of the province or city where the enterprise’s head office is located.

5. Submit the dossier online

Method 1: Use a business registration account

You register an account at

Note: In case of authorization to submit a dossier, the authorization document must contain the information of the authorizing person.

Method 2: Use digital signature (token)

You must complete the procedure to purchase a digital signature.

With both methods above, after the application is valid, you will receive a receipt of the business registration application via the electronic information network. You bring the receipt directly to the business registration office to receive the results.

If the application is not valid, the Department of Planning and Investment will send details of the contents that need to be amended and supplemented. You proceed to adjust the application and resubmit.

To save time learning about the law, filling out forms, and submitting documents, you can contact HTLaw for advice and support services Change information on the Business License.

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