Regular Legal Consultation Package

1. What is Regular Legal Consultation package?

Regular legal consultation package for small and medium-sized businesses without a legal department. When using this service, businesses can answer and resolve legal issues quickly and economically.

HT can flexibly customize the service package to suit each customer with different needs, ensuring to meet the needs of the business at the most reasonable cost.

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2. Services in Regular Legal Consultation package

    • Answer legal questions related to business, investment, labor, immigration, and other fields.
    • Drafting and reviewing legal documents (contracts, agreements, etc.)
    • Provide new legal updates for business operations
    • Dispute resolution consulting, litigation participation
    • Legal advice on projects, mergers and acquisitions, purchase and sale, and transfer of contributed capital and shares
    • Consulting, registration of intellectual property

3. Why using Regular Legal Consultation package is necessary?

In the course of business operations, it is difficult for enterprises to avoid legal risks that may occur in the business process, from internal management of the enterprise to business development, etc. all of which have potential risks of arising conflicts, disputes, and damages arising from unforeseeable legal risks, among them are the following risks:

    • Enterprises do not have clear working processes and regulations, leading to disputes between capital contributors
    • Enterprises are sued for dismissing employees who do not comply with the prescribed legal order and procedures (about labor contracts, social insurance, employee welfare regimes, …)
    • Enterprises lose their trade and are counterfeited or counterfeit products that are not protected by law.
    • Enterprises may encounter unfavorable terms scattered in commercial contracts or enterprises sign contracts of great value but are not valid due to provisions contrary to the provisions of law.
    • Enterprises are fined for not complying with regulations on business registration.

Regular legal consulting services will prevent the above cases from happening and support businesses to quickly resolve when the above risks occu

To save time learning about the law and limit legal risks in business operations, you can contact HT to design a customized Regular Legal Consultation Package.

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