For the purpose of tourism or visiting relatives in Canada, you need to have a tourist visa or a visitor visa to Canada. Join HT to learn about the application as well as the fees when applying for the two types of visa above.

I. Required documents for Canada Business Visa

* Personal Information

  1. Passport;
  2. ID Photograph (Canada visa application photo 3.5*4.5cm);
  3. Birth Certificate;
  4. Identity Card;
  5. Household Registration Book;
  6. Certificate of marriage (if any);
  7. Canada visa application form;
  8. Detailed declaration of identity;
  9. Authorization letter;
  10. VFS Consent Form;

* Proof of finance

  1. Certificate of bank account balance;
  2. Bank account statement;
  3. Savings book (if any);
  4. Statement of company account (if the company sponsors the entire trip);

* Proof of employment

  1. Labor contract;
  2. Social insurance book (if any);
  3. Business registration certificate and Tax receipt or tax declaration (for businessmen and company directors);
For Tourism visaFor Visting relatives visa
* Proof of travel
18. The trip's schedule;
19. Flight information (if any);
20. Hotel reservation (if any);
21. Confirm registration for the event (if any).
* Proof of relative’ relation
18. Evidence of the applicant's relationship to the intended visitor;
19. Invitation letter from the person the applicant intends to visit;
20. In case the inviter pays/guarantees the expenses for the trip, provide proof of the individual's income and finances;
21. Documents proving the inviter's Canadian residency;
22. The trip's schedule and information about the person will accompany you;
23. Flight information (if any);
24. Hotel reservation (if any);
25. Confirm registration for the event (if any).

These are the types of documents that are required to provide when applying for a tourist visa or visiting relatives of Canada, you need to prepare fully to achieve the desired results.

II. Procedures

Step 1: Plan your trip and prepare required documents

Step 2: Apply at VFS Global or at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

Step 3. Make an appointment to have your fingerprints and photo taken (biometric information) at the Visa Application Center

Canada Visa (Tourism, Family Visit) -

III. Fees

VFS biometric fee                                                    439,000 VND

Consular fee                                                            85 CAD ~ 1.500.000 VND

Delivery fee                                                             4,25 CAD ~ 77.000. VND

       To save time learning about the law, filling out forms, and submitting documents, you can contact HTLaw for consultation and legal services related to Canada Visa (Tourism, Family Visit).

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