Cases of VAT refund -
No.Case of VAT refundLegal Basis
1A business establishment that pays VAT using credit-invoice method may offset input VAT that remains after deduction in the month or the quarter against VAT incurred in the next period.
Where a business establishment has registered to pay VAT using credit-invoice method has a new investment project which is still in its investment stage, VAT on goods/services purchased serving the investment has not been deducted, and the remaining tax is at least VND 300 million, VAT shall be refunded.
Clause 3 Article 1 Law No. 106/2016 amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Law on Value Added Tax, the Law on Special Consumption Tax and the Law on Tax Administration
2In a month (in case of monthly declaration) or quarter (in case of quarterly declaration), if the input VAT on exported goods/services (including goods that are imported and subsequently exported to non-tariff areas and the goods that are imported and subsequently exported to other countries) of a business entity remains at least VND 300 million after being offset against, it shall be refunded by month or quarter. If such input VAT is less than VND 300 million, it shall be offset against in the next month/quarter. In case a business establishment has both exported goods/services and goods/services sold domestically and input VAT on exported goods/services that remains at least VND 300 million after being offset against tax payable, it shall be refunded. Input VAT on purchases used for manufacturing of exported goods/services shall be separately recorded. Otherwise, input VAT shall be determined according to the ratio of revenue from exported goods/services to total revenue from goods/services accrued from the tax period succeeding the period in which tax is refunded to the current period in which tax refund is claimed.Clause 3 Article 1 Law No. 106/2016
Clause 3 Article 1 Decree No. 146/2017/NĐ-CP
3Business establishments which pay value-added tax according to the tax credit method are entitled to value-added tax refund if upon ownership transformation, enterprise transformation, merger, consolidation, separation, split, dissolution, bankruptcy or operation termination, they have an overpaid value-added tax amount or have some input value-added tax amount not yet fully credited.Clause 3 Article 13 Value added tax Law
4Business establishments that have registered for business and value-added tax payment according to the tax credit method (including newly established business establishments from investment projects), have new investment projects (including investment projects divided into several investment phases or investment categories) according to regulations of the Law on Investment in areas of the same or different provinces and cities where their headquarters are located (except for cases prescribed in Point c of this Clause, investment projects on construction of houses for sale, and investment projects that do not create fixed assets) that are in the investment phase or projects on prospection and projects to search, prospect, and develop oil and gas fields that are in the investment phase, and have the input value-added tax of goods and services incurred during the cumulative investment phase that have not been fully deducted from at least 300 million VND, shall be eligible for the value-added tax refund.Decree No. 209/213/NĐ-CP

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