No.CriteriaContentLegal basisNote
1Subject1. Foreigners with meritorious services and contributions to the cause of construction and defense of the Vietnamese Fatherland are awarded medals or state honorary titles by the Vietnamese State.
2. Foreigners are scientists and experts temporarily residing in Vietnam.
3. Any foreigner sponsored by his parent, spouse, or child who is a Vietnamese citizen and has a permanent residence in Vietnam.
4. Any person without nationalities who has had a temporary residence in Vietnam from 2000 or earlier.
Article 39 Law on Immigration
2Condition1. Any of the foreigners mentioned in Article 39 of this Law may be granted permanent residence status if he/she has a legitimate residence and is making a decent living in Vietnam.
2. Foreigners specified in Clause 2, Article 39 of this Law must be requested by ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies or government-attached agencies in charge of state management of such person's professional fields.
3. Foreigners who have temporarily resided in Vietnam for 03 consecutive years or more as prescribed in Clause 3, Article 40 of the Law are determined on the basis of the entry verification stamp and exit verification stamp issued at the border gate with a total period of temporary residence in Vietnam of 03 years or more in the last 4 years up to the date of submitting the application for permanent residence.
Article 40 Law on Immigration
3Procedurea) Application for permanent residence; (NA12)
b) Criminal record issued by the competent authority of the country of which the person is a citizen;
c) A diplomatic note from a diplomatic mission of the country, of which the applicant is a citizen, requesting grant of permanent residence status to the applicant;
d) Certified copy of passport;
đ) Papers proving eligibility to be considered for permanent residence specified in Article 40 of this Law; (documents on accommodation: house lease contract, land use right certificate, … financial documents: labor contract, bank statement, ...)
e) Letter of sponsored for foreigners specified in Clause 3, Article 39 of this Law. (certified copy of marriage certificate, temporary residence card for 3 consecutive years until the time of application)
4Receiving agencyImmigration DepartmentArticle 41 Law on Immigration
5Settlement time40 days
(Can be extended but not more than 60 days)
Article 41 Law on Immigration
6Duration of Permernent Residnence card10 years

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