A Japanese visa, is a “passport” issued by the Government of Japan to foreigners, allowing foreigners to enter Japan for a certain period of time with particular purpose.

If divided by the purpose of the trip, the Japanese visa includes the following common types:

– Visa to visit relatives

Tourism Visa

– Transit Visa (Transit)

Business Visa

– Student Visa

– Medical Visa

When coming to Japan for business, commercial purposes, attending conferences and seminars, you need a commercial visa (Business visa).

Japan Business Visa -

II. Required documents for a business visa

*  Documents of personal information

    1. Passport;
    2. ID Photograph (Photo taken within 6 months, size 4.5cm x 4.5cm);
    3. Identity Card;
    4. Visa application form;

*  Proof of employment

    1. Business registration certificate, investment license, representative office establishment license, etc. where the visa applicant is working;
    2. Labor contract;

*  Documents proving the relationship between the inviting company and the invitee’s company

    1. Public documents that introduce the relationship of companies in the same group;
    2. Documents proving the commercial relationship between companies;
    3. Invitation letter to visa applicants (for cases where there is no commercial relationship);
    4. Brief introduction document about the Japanese receiving agency;
    5. Invitation letter;
    6. Guarantee letter and List of visa applicants (from 2 people or more) of the receiving place on the Japanese side;
    7. Schedule of stay;

These are the types of documents that are required to provide when applying for a Japan business visa, you need to prepare fully to achieve the desired results.

III. Settlement time

In principle, the results of visa approval will be notified after 15 working days from the next day of receiving the visa application.

IV. Procedures

Step 1: Plan your trip and prepare required documents

Step 2. Apply at the Japanese Embassy

V. Fees

Consular fee:      – 640,000 VND (one-time entry)

                                    – 1,280,000 VND (multiple entries)

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