Mobile vending business

Nowadays, mobile vending vehicle is growing in many countries around the world. Foreseeing that development, Vietnam already has regulations guiding the process of setting up companies to carry out mobile food trading on vehicles.

1. Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) (only for foreign investors)

If an individual does business with a single vending truck and the individual conducts the business, that individual is not required to form a company.

Because of their personal commercial activities such as street vendors, no fixed locations are not considered “entrepreneurs” and do not require a business license.

(Article 3 Decree 39/2007)

2. Set up a company

Selling goods by mobile trucks must establish a company when conducting business activities, except for business as an individual as in case 1.

Step 1: Set up a company;

Step 2: Apply for a transport business license by truck


(i) A box truck business is a business that employs 1,500-kg automobiles to transport cargo for reward, which is calculated by a taximeter or the ride-hailing software installed on the automobile. The “TAXI TẢI” (“BOX TRUCK”) phrase and the business’s phone number and name shall be affixed on the truck’s doors or both sides of its body.

(ii) The freight transport business unit must issue the driver with a Transport Certificate (Transportation Certificate) during the transportation of goods on the road. The transport paper (Transportation paper) must contain certification (signature, full name) of the volume of goods loaded on the vehicle of the goods owner (or the person authorized by the owner of the goods) or the representative of the unit or individual do the queuing.

(iii) When transporting goods, the driver must carry the Transport Paper (Transportation Paper) in paper documents or have a device to access the software that displays the contents of the Transport Paper (Transportation Paper) and other driver’s and vehicle’s papers documents as prescribed by law. Transport business units and drivers are not allowed to carry goods in excess of the allowable volume in traffic.

(iv) Transport paper (Transportation paper) is a paper or electronic document issued by the freight transport business unit and has the minimum information including: Name of the transport unit; vehicle control plate; the name of the unit or the transport hirer; journey (start point, end point); contract number, date of signing the contract (if any); type of goods and volume of goods transported on the vehicle. From July 1, 2022, before carrying out the transportation, the freight transport business unit must provide all the minimum contents of the Transport Paper (Transportation Paper) via the software of the Ministry of Transport. transportation.

(v) In addition, transport enterprises transporting goods for sale must also comply with relevant laws: environment, tax, labor, traffic safety, etc.

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