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  • Business & Investment Legal services
  • Immigration Legal Services
  • Litigation settlement
  • Other services

Business & Investment Legal services

HTLaw supports domestic and foreign investors. We are experienced in F&B, medical, scientific, manufacturing, import and export business registration, etc.

Set up business


Foreign/ Vietnam capital purchase

Other legal services

Regular legal consultancy

Expat Legal Services

New applicants, re-issuance and renewal of the following types of licenses.

Vietnam Visa

Work permit

Temporary Residence Card

Visa to go abroad

Visa to America, Europe, UK, Canada, and Australia.
Specially, the US Visa supports student visa and K1, CR1, R1 immigration visas.

Other legal services

Litigation settlement

Negotiating, conciliating and prosecuting civil and commercial disputes

APEC business card

Card for business people to enter 19 APEC countries without a visa.

Family law

Special support for cases of marriage and divorce with foreign elements

Make a will

Consulting, drafting, witnessing, certifying wills

Vietnam citizenship

Support to obtain Vietnamese citizenship for Vietnamese and foreigners

Consular legalization, Consular certification

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