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According to  Article 20 of the Law on Nationality 2008, a person who is applying for Vietnamese nationality, if falling into the case of a spouse, biological father, natural mother, or natural child of a Vietnamese citizen, can be naturalized in Vietnam without the following conditions :

– Knowing Vietnamese enough to integrate into the Vietnamese social community;
– Have permanently resided in Vietnam for five years or more;
–  Capable of securing life in Vietnam.

* Profile of a foreigner being the wife, husband, biological father, natural mother or biological child of a Vietnamese citizen  includes:

    1. An application for naturalization in Vietnam;
    2. A copy of the birth certificate, passport or another valid document that replaces the birth certificate or passport of the person applying for Vietnamese nationality, which is a valid document proving that person’s foreign nationality; A copy of the birth certificate of the minor child who acquired Vietnamese nationality together with his parents or another document proving the parent-child relationship. In case only one parent acquires Vietnamese nationality and the minor child lives with the person who acquires Vietnamese nationality according to his father or mother, a written agreement of the parents on the naturalization of the child must be submitted. ;
    3. Background statement;
    4. A criminal record card is issued by a competent authority of Vietnam for the time the applicant for naturalization resides in Vietnam, a criminal record card issued by a competent authority of a foreign country for the period of time. the period the applicant for Vietnamese citizenship resides abroad. The judicial record card must be the one issued within 90 days from the date of submission of the application;
    5. Proof of residence, period of permanent residence in Vietnam: Copy of Permanent Residence Card;
    6. Papers proving eligibility to be exempted from conditions for naturalization of Vietnamese nationality:
      • Persons who have a spouse who is a Vietnamese citizen must submit a copy of the marriage certificate proving the marriage relationship.
      • Persons who are biological fathers, natural mothers or biological children of Vietnamese citizens must submit a copy of their birth certificate or other valid papers proving the parent-child relationship.

Note: If these documents are issued, notarized or certified by a foreign competent authority, they must be consular legalized, unless they are exempted by law. 

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Specific situations:

The customer is French, has a Vietnamese wife, and applies for Vietnamese citizenship to live and work here. 

Below is HT’s advice on the conditions and documents required for naturalization customers:

1. Conditions:

Because the client is exempt from some conditions for applying for Vietnamese citizenship under Clause 2, Article 20 of the Law on Vietnamese nationality because his wife is a Vietnamese citizen, the client’s conditions are as follows:
– Having full civil act capacity as prescribed by Vietnamese law;
– Comply with the Constitution and laws of Vietnam; respect the traditions, customs and practices of the Vietnamese nation;

Although, customers do not need to meet the conditions of permanent residence in Vietnam for five years or more, but customers are required to have a “permanent residence card” in Vietnam (temporary residence in Vietnam continuously for 3 years or more).

Since this customer did not have a temporary residence card before, the customer first needs to make a temporary residence card for foreigners in accordance with Vietnamese law.

HT’s advice to this customer is to make a temporary residence card for visiting relatives with a term of 3 years and during this time, the clients does not leave Vietnam. After 3 years, clients are eligible to apply for a permanent residence card.

2. Dossier:

Documents submitted by customers to apply for Vietnamese citizenship include:

    1. An application for naturalization in Vietnam;
    2. Copy of Birth Certificate, Passport or other valid document replacing Birth Certificate, Passport of the applicant for Vietnamese citizenship;
    3. Background statement;
    4. Judicial record card issued by a competent Vietnamese agency;
    5. Copy of Permanent Resident Card;
    6. Copy of marriage certificate proving marital relationship

The above is HT’s legal opinion on naturalization for foreigners who are spouses, fathers, mothers or children of Vietnamese citizens.

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