2. Conditions for industrial wine production

  • Is an enterprise established according to the provisions of law.
  • There are machinery, equipment, and technological processes for wine production that meet the expected scale of production.
  • Ensure food safety conditions according to regulations.
  • Ensure environmental protection conditions according to regulations.
  • Meets regulations on alcohol labeling.
  • There are technical staff with qualifications and expertise appropriate to the wine production industry.

3. Producing wine with an alcohol concentration of 5.5 degrees or more

Traders producing industrial wine , producing handcrafted wine for the purpose of trading, distributing wine, wholesaling wine, and retailing wine with an alcohol content of 5.5 degrees or moremust have a license ;


4. Rights and obligations of industrial wine production enterprises

  • To sell alcohol produced by the enterprise to traders with licenses to distribute alcohol, wholesale alcohol, retail alcohol, sell alcohol for on-site consumption and traders buying alcohol for export.
  • To directly retail alcohol and sell alcohol for on-site consumption of the alcohol they produce at the enterprise’s business locations.
  • Purchased domestically or imported semi-finished wine to produce finished wine.
  • You are allowed to buy wine from organizations and individuals that produce wine manually for re-processing.
  • Comply with regulations on food safety, product labeling, fire prevention and environmental protection.
  • Implement reporting regime and other obligations as prescribed in this Decree.

5. Application dossier for industrial wine production certificate

Application dossier for industrial wine production license (01 set) includes:

1. Application for a License for industrial wine production according to Form No. 01 issued with this Decree.

2. Copy of Business Registration Certificate or documents of equivalent legal value.

3. Copy of Receipt of publication conformity or Certification declaration of compliance with food safety regulations (for alcohol There are no technical standards yet) ; Copy of certificate certifying that the facility meets food safety conditions .

4. Copy of Decision approving the environmental impact assessment report or confirmation of registration of environmental protection plan or confirmation of registration of environmental protection commitment issued by a competent authority .

5. A list of wine product names accompanied by a copy of the wine label that the enterprise produces or plans to produce.

6. Copies of degrees, professional certificates and recruitment decisions or labor contracts of technical staff.

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