Some notes on birth registration for children of two foreigners in Vietnam -

District-level People’s Committee of the place of residence of the father or mother

II. The order of execution

Step 1: The person applying for birth registration submits the application to the civil status registration agency

Step 2: Immediately after receiving the required documents, if finding that the birth registration information is complete and valid, the civil status officer shall record the birth registration information in the civil status book. The civil status officer and the person making the birth registration shall both sign the civil status book.

Step 3: The Justice Division reports to the President of the district-level People’s Committee to issue a birth certificate to the person whose birth is registered.

III. Dossier

    1. Birth registration declaration form;
    2. Certification of birth;
    3. Agreement of parents on choosing nationality for their child;
    4. Confirmation of the foreign competent state agency that the child is entitled to such nationality;
    5. Passport of father and mother;
    6. Parent’s visa/temporary residence card (if it is not attached to the passport);
    7. Confirmation of temporary residence of the Ward police (father and mother).

IV. Settlement time

In fact, the Birth Certificate will be issued after 03-05 working days from the date of receiving the complete and valid dossier, depending on each People’s Committee.

V. Some general notes

    1. In case the child’s parent chooses a foreign citizenship for the child upon birth registration, besides the written consent to such choosing, a confirmation that such choosing conforms to the foreign country’s law from the competent authority of the foreign country is required.

However, in practice, many countries such as England, America, Colombia do not have a formality to issue such a certification, but only authenticate the signature of the parent in the agreement. In this case, the civil status registry will not be able to issue a birth certificate with the nationality desired by the parents, but the birth certificate will leave the nationality section blank.

    1. In the birth certificate registration form, the place of residence of the father and mother may be required to write a temporary residence address in Vietnam instead of a permanent address in a foreign country (depending on each civil status registration agency).
    2. In case the wife gives birth to a child before marriage registration without birth registration and, upon birth registration, the couple has a document recognizing the child as their common child, the father’s information shall be added to the child’s birth certificate immediately without applying for father-child relationship recognition.

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