Consulting & Drafting Contracts

With a lot of practical experience in business activities of enterprises, HTLaw team supports customers in consulting, and drafting contracts. Especially, HTLaw supports drafting bilingual contracts, complying with Vietnamese and international laws.

Consulting and Drafting contracts

1. Contract consulting service

    • Advising on the provisions of the law and the application in practice related to the terms in various types of contracts of enterprises;
    • Participating in contract negotiations with the parties;
    • Consulting and participating in the negotiation stages to sign contracts with enterprises;
    • Researching relevant documents, and finding out relevant information about the parties to the contract in specific cases at the request of the business, thereby providing the optimal consulting solution for the drafting and signing of the contract. , ensure maximum benefits for the business and balance the interests of the parties in the contract;
    • Appraise the contents of the draft contract of the enterprise with its partners according to the requirements of the enterprise and according to the provisions of law;
    • Legal advice on other related issues on the basis of legal provisions on contracts at the request of enterprises;
    • Consulting and settling contract disputes;
    • Consulting and explaining contract-related contents for businesses;
    • Comprehensive consulting on issues related to contracts of enterprises.

2. Contract drafting service

Drafting the contract on the basis of the requirements of the business and in accordance with the law, ensuring maximum benefits of the customer and balancing the interests of the parties in the contract.

Some information customers need to provide when using contract consulting services

    • Information of the parties to the Contract (if individuals: provide identity cards, if organizations: provide business registration certificates of the parties);
    • Contract Type
    • The basic content of the Contract of the two parties towards;
    • Contract value and payment method and payment term;
    • Duration of contract;
    • Basic rights and responsibilities of the parties (if the two parties have a basic agreement);
    • Designated dispute resolution body (if any).

In case the customer does not have the above specific information, we will support the customer with unspecific information so that the customer has a comprehensive view of the contract to be drafted in the future.

To save time learning about the law, drafting contracts, as well as ensuring the benefits of the parties and minimizing risks, you can contact HTLaw for Consulting and Drafting Contract services. 

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