Vietnam visa (labor, investor, business visa)

I. Implementing agencies

Immigration Department at Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi City

II. Procedure

Step 1: Prepare the documents precribed the law

Step 2: Application:

Agencies and organizations that invite and guarantee to submit dossiers directly at the office of the Immigration Department of Hanoi (Address 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh, Hanoi) or Ho Chi Minh City (address 333-335-337 Nguyen Trai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) to apply.

Step 3: Officer receives the dossiers and check the legality and content of the dossiers:

    • If the application is complete and valid, the officer will receive the application, print the receipt and request the fax fee payment to the fee collector (if applicable).
    • If the application is not valid, the receiving officer will guide the applicant to supplement the application.

Application submission time: from Monday to Friday every week (except holidays and Tet holiday).

Step 4: Get result:

The person who comes to receive the results presents the receipt, ID card to the officer to compares and receives the entry approval letter for the foreigner.

Time: from Monday to Friday every week (except holidays and Tet holiday).

III. Dossiers

The dossiers include:

    1. Letter requesting the Immigration Department to consider and approve the personnel to issue visas and grant entry permits to foreigners entering Vietnam (Form NA2);
    2. A notaried copy of the license or decision of a competent authority on the establishment of the organization;
    3. Document introducing the seal, signature of the authorized person of the organization (form NA16 issued together with Circular No. 04/2015/TT-BCA).
    4. Introduction Letter
    5. Copy of foreigner’s passport


05 working days from the date of application.

V. Place to get visa

Foreigners entering Vietnam under the guarantee of an agency or organization can receive a visa in one of the following places:

    • Foreigners can receive visas directly at the international airport border gate when entering at the international airport;
    • For entry through border gates by road, waterway or railway, foreigners can get visas at the Border Gate Department – Border Guard Command, Ministry of National Defense;
    • Foreigners can get visas at a the Embassy of Vietnam in the country where the foreigner exits.

VI. Fees

    • Visa valid for single time in 3 months: 25 USD
    • Visa valid for multiple times in 3 months: 50 USD

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