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With increasing interest in health and physique nowadays, many foreign investors want to invest in the fitness industry in Vietnam.

The process to open a company in the fitness industry is as follows: 

1. Procedures for issuance of investment registration certificates

(For foreign investors only)

 Fitness business has not been committed in Vietnam’s WTO service commitments. Therefore, when conducting a project in Vietnam, investors must send a set of documents to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for opinions and approval on fitness business with foreign investment.

With the approval of the Ministry, the foreign investor shall carry out the procedures for granting an investment registration certificate.

Time to carry out procedures for issuance of investment registration certificates: 10-15 working days

2. Procedures for issuance of business registration certificates

Time: 03 – 05 working days

fitness company in vietnam - htlaw

3. Procedures for granting a certificate of eligibility for sports business

Conditions to be granted a certificate of eligibility for sports business:

Having a team of professional officers and employees suitable to the contents of activities;

There are facilities and equipment to meet the requirements of sports activities

3.1. Professional staff requirements:

The professional staff of a sports business enterprise includes:

1. Sports training instructors must meet one of the following conditions:

      • Being a coach or athlete with a level 2 or higher or equivalent in accordance with business registration sports activities;
      • Possessing an intermediate or higher degree in physical training and sport relevant to the registered sport activities;
      • To receive professional training in sports according to the regulations of the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

2. Lifeguards.

3. Medical staff.

3.2. Facilities requirements: 

1. Practice location

      • The practice room has an area of at least 60 m2, the distance from the floor to the ceiling is at least 2.8 m, the training space must be well ventilated.
      •  The distance between training equipment is guaranteed from 10cm to 30cm;
      • Light from 150 lux or more;
      • Sound system in good working condition;
      • There is a toilet, changing area, and a place to store personal belongings for practitioners; have a first aid bag as prescribed by the Ministry of Health;

The rules include the following main contents: Training time, participants in exercise, subjects not allowed to participate in training, measures to ensure safety during exercise.

  2. Training equipment must comply with the provisions of Circular 10/2018 of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Above is HT’s advice on setting up a company in the gym business.

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