Labor Temporary Residence Card (LD1, LD2)

LD1: Foreigners working in Vietnam with certification that they are not eligible for a work permit, unless otherwise provided for by an international treaty to which Vietnam is a signatory;

LD2: Foreigners working in Vietnam are required to have a work permit;

    1. Notarized copy of Business Registration License, or Investment License, or Operation License of the representative office, branch, etc., depending on the type of business;
    2. Certificate of seal sample registration or a written notice on the publication of information about the enterprise’s seal sample on the national enterprise registration portal;
    3. A notarized copy of the foreign worker’s work permit or work permit exemption certificate with a validity of at least 12 months;
    4. Registration of seal and signature samples for the first time at the Immigration Agency (Form NA16)
    5. Official letter and application for temporary residence card for foreigners (Form NA6)
    6. Application form for temporary residence card for foreigners (Form NA8)
    7. A letter of introduction for Vietnamese employees to go through procedures to apply for a temporary residence card at the Immigration Office.
    8. Original passport (valid for at least 1 year, or 2 years if you want to display a 2-year temporary residence card. Passport with visa for the right purpose of work, with the symbol LD or DN, guaranteed by the company itself to ask for);
    9. Certificate of temporary residence registration or temporary residence registration book of the foreigner certified by the police of the ward or commune where the foreigner is temporarily residing in Vietnam (if any).
    10.  02 photos size 2cmx3cm
Vietnam labour TRC - htlaw

2. Fee for Issuance of Temporary Residence Card

Temporary residence card valid from 01 to 2 years: 100 USD/card;

3. Time to issue Temporary Residence Card

According to current regulations, the time to grant temporary residence cards to foreigners is no more than 05 working days from the date of receipt.

However, in fact, if your application is not valid and must be amended or supplemented, the time to carry out procedures for making a temporary residence card for foreigners may be longer than the above time.

4. Procedure for Issuance of Temporary Residence Card

Step 1: Submit the application at the Office of the Immigration Department of Ho Chi Minh City. 

After checking the dossier, the Immigration Department sends a receipt to the person submitting the application (Form NB7).

If the application is not valid, the application-receiving officer shall guide the applicant to complete the application. And you will need additional preparation to return to the Immigration Department’s office to reapply.

Step 2. Get Result

On the appointment date according to the appointment letter, you bring a receipt, ID or passport to present to the officer.

Inorder to save time to find out the procedure, fill out the form, notarize, waiting for the application to be submitted, you can contact HT for advise and support for the Labor Temporary Residence Card Service. 

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