According to the provisions of Article 3 of Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA, identification plates are License plates issued and managed according to the vehicle owner’s identification code (hereinafter referred to as identification plates). Identification number plate means a number plate with symbols, number plate series, size of letters and numbers, and number plate color as prescribed in this Circular.

– For vehicle owners who are Vietnamese citizens, license plates are managed according to personal identification numbers.

– For foreign vehicle owners, license plates shall be managed according to foreigners’ identification numbers established by electronic identification and authentication systems, permanent resident, temporary residence card numbers, or other identity cards issued by competent agencies.  

– For vehicle owners being organizations, license plates shall be managed according to the organization’s electronic identification code established by the electronic identification and authentication system; In case there is no electronic identification code of the organization, it shall be managed according to the tax code or establishment decision.

– In case the vehicle expires, damages, or transfers vehicle ownership, the vehicle owner’s identification plate shall be recovered and reissued by the vehicle registration authority when the vehicle owner registers another vehicle under his/her ownership. The identification plate number shall be retained for the vehicle owner for a period of 05 years from the date of revocation; After the above-mentioned time limit, if the vehicle owner has not registered, such identification plate number shall be transferred to the number plate warehouse for registration and issuance to organizations and individuals according to regulations.

– In case the vehicle owner moves his head office or residence from one province or centrally-run city to another, he shall be entitled to retain such identification plate number (not having to change the license plate).

II. From August 15, 2023, will people have to change their current number plates to identification plates

According to Article 39 of Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA stipulates:

For vehicles registered with license plates before August 15, 2023, but have not yet undergone recall procedures, such plates are determined to be the license plates of the vehicle owner.

For vehicles with registered 5-digit plates, if the vehicle owner has carried out recall procedures before August 15, 2023, such license plates will be transferred to the number plate inventory for issuance of number plates according to regulations.

For vehicles registered with 5-number plates with symbols “LD”, “DA”, “MĐ”, “R”, they will continue to be allowed to participate in traffic, even when changing or re-issuing number plates, unless the vehicle owner wishes to change the number plate according to the provisions of this Circular.

For vehicles with 3 or 4 number plates registered with plates, they are allowed to participate in traffic, except for the following cases:

– Vehicle owners wishing to issue identification plates

– Vehicle owners who carry out procedures for replacement of vehicle registration certificates, replacement of license plates, re-issuance of vehicle registration certificates, re-issuance of license plates, or registration of vehicle names or vehicle moves according to the provisions of this Circular shall revoke such 3 or 4 number plates and issue them to change to identification plates according to regulations.

License plate number according to regulations from August 15, 2023 -

III. License plate revocations from August 15, 2023

According to the provisions of Article 23 of Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA, cases of revocation of registration certificates and license plates from August 15, 2023

1. The damaged vehicle cannot be used, or destroyed due to objective reasons.

2. Vehicles with expired expiry dates are not allowed to circulate by law.

3. The stolen or seized vehicle cannot be found or the vehicle is discarded, the vehicle owner shall request the revocation of the vehicle registration certificate and license plate.

4. Duty-free imported vehicles or vehicles temporarily imported by foreign agencies, organizations, or individuals for re-export, transfer of ownership, or destruction.

5. Vehicles registered in economic zones according to the Government’s regulations when re-exported or transferred into Vietnam.

6. The vehicle shall carry out procedures for registration to name and move.

7. The vehicle removes the engine or frame for registration of another vehicle.

8. The vehicle has been registered but detects a fake vehicle dossier or a vehicle with a conclusion of a competent agency that the engine number or chassis number is cut, welded, re-punched, erased, or issued number plates in contravention of regulations.

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