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"Our reputation is the foundation for our success and the reason many of our new clients are referrals. Clients are our business. ".

Director & Lawyer

HT's services

Business and Investment Legal Services

Set up company/ branch/ representative office, Register sub-licences, Regular Legal Consultancy, etc

Immigration Services

Vietnam Visa, Business Visa, Temporary Residence Card, APEC Card, Visa to go abroad.

Labor Legal Services

Work permits and other procedures for workers in Vietnam

Family Legal Services

Special support for cases of marriage and divorce with foreign elements

Litigation settlement

Negotiating and settling commercial, civil and labor disputes

Other legal services

Consular legalization, Will making, translation, Consular legalization, etc

Message from HT's Director

CEO & Lawyer

hue truong

Welcome to HTLaw. I’m Hue Truong, lawyer, and director of HT Investment & Immigration Co., Ltd. HTLaw was founded in 2018 and our office is conveniently located in the central business district of HCMC.

Your success is our business. We assist people and companies interested in working and investing in Vietnam. Vietnam continues to be a premier opportunity for international investment and human capital and will for many years to come. 

Our services include: Investment & Business solutions, Visa Solutions, Labor Law, Intellectual Property Law, Family Law, Import/Export Licensing, Commercial ContractsLitigation, and Consultancy Services.

HT stands for Honesty and Truth. Our method is to partner with clients and to achieve mutually beneficial results.  

Integrity is the cornerstone for success and building a credible reputation. We aspire to provide a clear vision for existing and prospective clients on a variety of legal matters. Our reputation is the foundation for our success and the reason many of our new clients are referrals. Clients are our business. 

The three core factors for our success include:  Passion, Competence and Positive Client Experience.  My passion for international business law and my desire to achieve a high level of competence as a legal consultant is the reason I wake up each morning.  Our team of professionals all share a client-centred focus and our motto is to value quality over quantity. We are dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals and dreams by providing coherent legal advice.

We look forward to meeting you and don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.