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1. Legal procedure to establish a hotel business

Step 1: Apply for a hotel business license and other papers eligible for hotel business.

    • Make an application for a investment registration certificate, business registration certificate (submit to the Department of Planning and Investment)
    • Apply for a certificate of satisfaction of security and order conditions
    • Apply for a certificate of eligibility for fire prevention
    • Apply for a food safety certificate (in case of selling to guests outside the hotel)

Step 2: After meeting all the conditions for granting a hotel business license, businesses need to register a star rating with the tourism management agency.

2. Investment Registration Certificate

    • A written request for the implementation of an investment project.
    • Documents proving legal status
    • Investment project proposal 
    • Proof of investor’s financial capacity
    • Head office lease contract, Documents proving the lessor’s right to lease (Land use right certificate, Construction permit, Business registration certificate with real estate business function of the lessor or equivalent documents).
    • Proposed demand for land use

Issuing agency: Department of Planning and Investment of the province where the company’s head office is located 

Implementation time: It will be done within 15 – 20 working days from the date of submission.

3. Enterprise Registration Certificate (ERC)

Dossier include:

    • Notarized copy of ID card or passport 
    • Application for business registration
    • Hotel charter
    • List of members, shareholders if above

Issuing agency: Department of Planning and Investment of province and city.

Implementation time: 3-5 working days from the date of submission of complete and valid documents.

4. Security license for the hotel

Dossier includes:

    • The business establishment’s written request for a security and order license 
    • Copy of business registration license
    • A resume enclosed with a judicial record card or a personal statement of the person responsible for security and order of the business establishment

Issuing agency: Provincial and city administrative management and social order and safety police.

Implementation time: No more than 05 working days for the specified case. No more than 04 working days for the case of granting change or re-issuance of regulations.

Set up a hotel in Vietnam - htlaw

5. Fire Prevention and Fighting License

Dossier include:

    • License application
    • Fire Prevention Plan
    • Hotel map
    • Escape map
    • List of on-site firefighting forces

Issuer: Fire prevention and fighting in the district or province or city depending on the size and number of floors of construction.​​

Implementation time: 15 days with fire prevention license.

6. Food Safety and Hygiene license (for hotels that sell food to guests outside the hotel)

Dossier include:

    • Application form for  Certificate;
    • Certificate of business registration or Certificate of enterprise registration or Certificate of investment in the food production and trading industry;
    • Description of facilities:
    • Production and business floor plan drawings;
    • Description of the process of food processing, preservation, transportation, display and sale of food and beverages;
    • An explanation of the facility’s facilities, equipment and tools.
    • Certificate of knowledge on food safety of the establishment owner and the person directly producing and trading food;
    • Certificate of health enough to produce and trade food of the establishment owner and the person directly producing and trading.

Issuing agency: Food safety management board issues the certificate (under the Department of Health)

Implementation time: 30-40 days with a certificate of food hygiene and safety

The term of the certificate is 3 years

7. Application for star rating of tourist accommodation establishments​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

A set of star rating registration documents includes:

    • Application for rating of accommodation facility
    • Hotel room map
    • List of employees working at the hotel
    • Degrees in the major or professional class of the employees
    • Scoreboard of standard hotel star rating
    • Certificate of business establishment registration (with a copy)
    • Certificate of satisfaction of security and order conditions (with a copy)
    • Certificate of food safety and hygiene (with a copy)
    • Receipt of payment of hotel appraisal fee in accordance with current law

The agency receiving the hotel star rating dossier: Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Time to start submitting the application: After 2 months from the date of having the business registration certificate, with all the above documents.

Implementation time: 30 – 45 days with the certificate.

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